Tips to keep a healthy vagina – things women ought to know

Genital care is quite important, particularly for women. It is not just for personal hygiene but also a way of improving your overall health. Foul odor, infections, and genital problems can easily be avoided with appropriate genital care. You should observe certain measures to keep your vagina healthy. The following great health tips for all women can help you keep your vagina happy.

How to keep your vagina healthy

Practice excellent vaginal hygiene

tg2edf67hwedu2j22You should note that vagina area is quite sensitive. Thus, it is necessary to practice excellent vaginal hygiene to maintain a healthy vagina. Wiping from front to back should be your habit. Change sanitary pads on a routine basis during periods. Always put on a clean underwear to ensure your vagina is fresh and clean. Water and unscented soap are adequate to clean your vagina. This is because the vagina can clean itself. Ensure your pubic hair is always short.

Maintain normal pH of your vagina

The normal pH of a vagina must be maintained to ensure your vagina is healthy. The natural acidic environment of a vagina and presence of good bacteria ought not to be disturbed to maintain its natural pH. They also keep it healthy by fighting off infections. Use of scented feminine wash, deodorants, or harsh soaps are common practices which can alter or disturb its natural pH. Using antibiotics can disturb pH balance and bacterial of the vagina.

Eat healthy diet

tgedfv6hedf87j29k22A healthy diet will help you keep a happy and healthy vagina. In fact, healthy diets have been found to prevent the vaginal infections and reproductive system issues. Some foods such as cranberry and yogurt can help prevent infections. Soy products such as tofu can keep your vagina lubricated while garlic has excellent antimicrobial properties. Drinking water also helps keep your vagina lubricated naturally.

Practice safe sex

It is advisable to use condoms to avoid contracting genital problems and sexually transmitted diseases. If you are going from anal to vaginal, ensure you change condoms. If your vagina cannot provide adequate lubrication, it is a good idea to use artificial lubricants.

Visit a gynecologist

To ensure your vagina is healthy, you should consider visiting a professional gynecologist for advice and help. Having routine gynecological exams and checkups such as cervical screening and pap smears can be helpful. This is because of early detection of the vaginal problems. This will give you adequate time to address the symptoms early enough.

Best Tips When Choosing The Best Tubing Mascara

Tubing mascara is a new advancement in stylish makeup and does a pretty job in boosting the length and boldness of the eyelashes. Depending on one’s preference, good mascara should assist the user to attain lengthening, volumizing and curling of the eyelashes. Tubing mascara has great cactus-like brushes uniquely designed to apply the formula of the particular mascara. The brush shape assists in shaping the eyelash effect one desires. You can this Visit Website for the best tips when choosing the best tubing mascara. Hence the following best tips can be considered when choosing the best tubing mascara;

Type of the mascara


Mascara occurs in three different types. For individuals who have pretty short eyelashes, the best choice of the tubing mascara should be the lengthening mascara. The lengthening mascara normally occurs with long comb-like brushes that have evenly spaced bristles which allow one to style the eyelashes into long full lashes that assist in defining and separating them. The second mascara type is the curling mascara that is characterized by a curved wand that allows the brush to lift and curl the eyelashes. Thirdly, is the thickening or volumizing mascara which gives the eyelashes a thick bushy look. Most women opt this for a more seductive appearance. The brush contained in the tubing mascara is rounded and densely packed with bristles.


The mascara formula used in modern mascara uses a special polymer, unlike traditional mascara that used oils and waxes in their formulation. The special plastic polymer used in the mascara allows it to dry and wrap around the eyelash surface. This assists in lengthening and volumizing as most tubing mascaras are applied as a wet formula such that as it dries, it shrinks to wrap itself around the eyelash.


Before using tubing mascara, it is prudent to choose only from the best manufacturers in the market. This is because they emphasize on quality and the protection of the eye health. Tubing mascara does not flake off like other mascara types hence it is perfect for sensitive eyes and those with oily eyelids or even contacts lens users.



Different tubing mascaras occur in varying colors. However, to choose the best mascara color one needs to understand what mascara color fits their eye color as well as the skin tone. What works best whether black, brown, blue, green, and purple or any other color should give a level of satisfaction. The color should also be a way to explore the fashionable trends and match the attire.

How to find a good salon in Thousand Oaks

Looking a good salon and hair stylist in Thousand Oaks is a challenging process. A hair stylist is responsible for the way you look and feel. You need to take extra caution when looking for a hair salon. When looking the best Thousand Oaks hair salon, you need to find a place where you will feel comfortable and at home. For many people, a hair salon is a place where they go to relax after a long week of work. When you visit the salon, you should feel at home and happy. If you feel out of place any time you visit the salon, then it’s time to make a switch and find a good salon.

Qualities of a good salon


A good salon should have high hygiene standards. You should notice the hygiene standards of the cleanliness of the premises, equipment, and staff. For instance, your hair should be handled using clean towels, and you should not share the same towel with another client. Your hair is very sensitive, and if you try hygiene levels are not maintained, then you might be exposed to skin infections and bacteria.



Comfort is an import aspect when looking for a good salon. You are likely to spend some few hours in the salon so you should be comfortable. A comfortable salon will be equipped with comfortable choice, air conditioning unit and other equipment to keep the client as comfortable as possible. If you find a comfortable salon, you will always be looking forward to your next visit.

Experience and knowledge

It is important for a good hair salon to have the adequate knowledge and experience on different hair types and services. The hair salon should be able to give you the best services according to your needs. A variety of services is also important for a hair salon. When you visit the hair salon, you should get all the beauty services available to you.



The use of technology is now common in most of the hair salon. A good salon should make use of the latest technology when it comes to making your hair and also beauty. The use of technology in beauty encourages efficiency of the services. If the salon is still stuck in the old way of doing things, then this might not be the right salon for you.

Cosplay Wigs


Cosplay wigs are very popular, and everyone knows it. These unmatched colors are very rare in character and the rainbow of colors and the length they come in fits everyone’s wishes. These cosplay wigs which offer a crazy style of short haircut is an astonishingly beautiful style are the envy of everybody. The state-of-the-art anime charm which the cosplay wigs offer is second to none. There are ways in which in how to choose the right cosplay wig most suitable for you. You may be a fan of the superheroes, anime, or games; the cosplay wigs will be a big hit with you no matter your age. With a multitude of characters to select from, the choosing of the particular cosplay wig may face a plethora of problems.

Choosing the right cosplay wig

Select a costume you can handle easilygfdddddddddddddddddddddd

You should go in for a cosplay wig which will be able to be stored in your closet quite easily along with the costume associated with it. Most significantly both the costume and the wig should not be costly.

Consider your budget

The cosplay wig you would like to order should be within your budget, and you should not sell your family’s jewels just to look like your favorite character.

Have an adequate knowledge of the character you want to cosplay

The quirks, interests, and talents which the character you intend to cosplay should be known to you when you choose the
cosplay wig. When knoooooooooooooyou choose the cosplay wig, you should be able to sprout the lines famous with the character you wish to portray. This will help you spruce up the reality to the character you want to depict. You may even cosplay a bad character and wear his wig. The character you wish to portray should best suit your inherent nature which would enable you to add that extra zing to the cosplay wig.

It would be worthwhile to choose a character about which you have adequate knowledge. Do not choose a character just because its costume looks exotic or because the hair looks chic or because the costume is not costly. It would be advisable to select one about which you have sufficient knowledge and can answer questions about the character your cosplay is all about. It will help if you cosplay a character about which you have knowledge or have read about.

You have to be very confident in the cosplay wig you choose, but the bottom line is to have fun.

Buying raincoats


Although it might seem that buying a rain coat should be as straightforward as walking into a shop and buying the first thing you see, in fact, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. For starters the term waterproof is not absolute, there is no set standard as to what breathability as waterproof – only general guidelines – so although two coats may be water resistant to what extent could vary quite considerably between the two.

Factors to consider when buying raincoats


It is a good starting point to consider the fabric that is used on a coat, as there are some waterproof fabrics out there each with different advantages and disadvantages. Recently there have been three new coats released with different materials, including the launch of many rain coat making companies. Each of these has had big claims made regarding their breathability and water resistance. However, the test of time will prove these claims to be right or wrong. For now, many membranes which have been tried and tested are known to be effective, and furthermore, you will not be paying extra for the novelty of cutting edge fabric.


Breathability is another important factor. While you want a coat to keep the rain out; you also want something that will let your sweat escape. There are some ways that this is achieved, the most common of which is known as the membrane principle; this is used by Gore-Tex and others. Droplets of liquid water (rain drops) are far larger than molecules of water vapor that are produced by your body, so with small enough holes in the membrane, it acts as an unidirectional barrier, where moisture can permeate from the inside but not from the outside. This venting process is driven by the difference in humidity between the inside and the outside of the coat.

Identify whether you need a lined or unlined model

When choosing a coat, you will probably come across the option of having a lined or unlined design. The lining refers to the sdfghjgfdsffghdgfhghgdgkufhghjmesh on the inside of some coats. The mesh is there to hold the fabric away from your skin and reduce the feeling of clamminess. However, it is arguable that this lining just adds excess weight to the coat. Because the materials used to make modern shells is so breathable, there is little point in buying a coat with a mesh lining.

It is fair to say that you get what you pay for to a certain extent; a larger price tag should mean you are getting an effective breathable membrane, face fabrics and the best balance between durability and lightness.