Tips to keep a healthy vagina – things women ought to know

Genital care is quite important, particularly for women. It is not just for personal hygiene but also a way of improving your overall health. Foul odor, infections, and genital problems can easily be avoided with appropriate genital care. You should observe certain measures to keep your vagina healthy. The following great health tips for all women can help you keep your vagina happy.

How to keep your vagina healthy

Practice excellent vaginal hygiene

tg2edf67hwedu2j22You should note that vagina area is quite sensitive. Thus, it is necessary to practice excellent vaginal hygiene to maintain a healthy vagina. Wiping from front to back should be your habit. Change sanitary pads on a routine basis during periods. Always put on a clean underwear to ensure your vagina is fresh and clean. Water and unscented soap are adequate to clean your vagina. This is because the vagina can clean itself. Ensure your pubic hair is always short.

Maintain normal pH of your vagina

The normal pH of a vagina must be maintained to ensure your vagina is healthy. The natural acidic environment of a vagina and presence of good bacteria ought not to be disturbed to maintain its natural pH. They also keep it healthy by fighting off infections. Use of scented feminine wash, deodorants, or harsh soaps are common practices which can alter or disturb its natural pH. Using antibiotics can disturb pH balance and bacterial of the vagina.

Eat healthy diet

tgedfv6hedf87j29k22A healthy diet will help you keep a happy and healthy vagina. In fact, healthy diets have been found to prevent the vaginal infections and reproductive system issues. Some foods such as cranberry and yogurt can help prevent infections. Soy products such as tofu can keep your vagina lubricated while garlic has excellent antimicrobial properties. Drinking water also helps keep your vagina lubricated naturally.

Practice safe sex

It is advisable to use condoms to avoid contracting genital problems and sexually transmitted diseases. If you are going from anal to vaginal, ensure you change condoms. If your vagina cannot provide adequate lubrication, it is a good idea to use artificial lubricants.

Visit a gynecologist

To ensure your vagina is healthy, you should consider visiting a professional gynecologist for advice and help. Having routine gynecological exams and checkups such as cervical screening and pap smears can be helpful. This is because of early detection of the vaginal problems. This will give you adequate time to address the symptoms early enough.